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Gripen with PS-05-A fighter radar


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Our approach

Innovation is critical for Saab’s future and we believe it’s something that can be learned, managed and measured so that we can create and sustain an innovative company culture. We work with our values, attitudes and behaviours to bring out our people’s innovative sides and let their talents shine.

Our approach to innovation
An aviation industry is born Saabs early years


Innovation is central to Saab’s existence. Throughout our history, an innovative culture, innovative processes and innovative products have kept us constantly exploring, improving and succeeding.

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Bringing ideas together
Saab Innovation Hub in the UK

The Innovation Hub will bring together Saab’s long-term partners in the UK, working together to keep people and society safe. The initial £3.5 million investment will bring together a national university network to strengthen our work at the thinking edge of radar technology, electronic warfare and cybersecurity.

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Space – a source of inspiration

Heard about our space offer? Our colleague Christer Fuglesang, space advisor and former astronaut, tells you about them. But first - let's talk space in general. What's it like up there?
Christer Fuglesang
"The most memorable experience was the views of the earth. It's just so beautiful. Seeing the earth from space... That is amazing."

Take it from our space advisor Christer Fuglesang, scientist, professor at The Royal Institute of Technology - and former astronaut: there is plenty to learn from the universe.